Social Services

Social Services:
IAFW Social Services will strive to assist members of the Muslim community in Watauga and surrounding Muslim communities. IAFW works together with other Islamic centers in the Dallas-Fort Worth metro-plex area and participates social programs and to promote Unity. IAFW will strive – Insha-Allah – to hold the principles values of Islam and help the community to be united and steadfast in the face of calamities or difficulties. IAFW will work to provide solutions in local and surrounding Muslim community social problems, provide financial assistance to the needy, or help community members when we are called upon.

The Islamic Association of Fort Worth offers a wide range of community services. Please contact us for more information about any of following services:

* Help/Assist/Refer in educating Muslims about their civil rights
* Help/Assist/Refer in Child protection services cases
* Help in Emergency relief efforts
* Divorce case reconciliation with the help of the Imam
* Support for fund-raising activities
* Help the needy Muslims with Financial Aid and Sadaqa

IAFW will perform marriages for all those who require this service.

The Islamic Association of Fort Worth welcomes those families that would like to celebrate their new born in the Masjid.

Islamic Will:
Download a copy of an Islamic Will (Adobe Acrobat Reader required)

IAFW can be contacted to provide assistance in washing of the deceased, Salatul Janazah, and burial.

Family Counseling:
IAFW offers marriage counseling for those families going through difficult times.

Please e-mail to volunteer or to get help from the social service committee.